Tianna Tianeptine Capsules – White Kratom Alternative


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Tianeptine Capsules by Tianaa (Alternative to White Kratom) 

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Tianaa is a blend of natural herbs and nootropics designed to promote a better day. Included in this blend is Sakae Naa, a plant that is nearly identical to kratom. If you’re seeking a kratom alternative, Tianaa is the perfect choice… you might even like it better! Whether you’re looking for stress relief, energy, or relaxation, Tianaa has a product for you. MT Brands™ manufactures Tianaa in a GMP automated factory which upholds the highest of quality standards. As with many enjoyable products, Tianaa should be used in moderation. Seize the day with Tianaa!

Tianna White:

Enjoy Tianaa White on days you could use a little extra attention to detail. This complex blend includes cognitive enhancers for pure energy, without the crash you’d get from caffeine.


Tianna White Capsules are a blend of natural herbs and nootropics such as Sake Naa designed to promote a better day.  Sakae Naa is a plant that is nearly identical to kratom.

Creating a feeling like you running on fumes, Tianna White is more than likely the notable solution with the right Nootropic Stack.

Tianna, a kratom alternative, was formulated to resemble Kratoms leaf types of Red, White, and Green. You will get effects remarkably similar to Kratom White Vein after using Tianna white. The slight difference between Tianna and Kratom is more inviting and warmer.

Tianaa White the more popular of the three options helps to put that pep in your step. Moreover, Sakae Naa offers a natural kratom alternative and it makes Tianna the perfect choice.

As with any Nootropic, Tianaa White Capsules should be used in moderation.

Tianna White Capsules allow you to start the day strong by giving it that extra you are looking for.

Tianna White Capsules come in a 15ct Capsule Jar.

What is in Tianna White Capsules?

  • Proprietary blend, combretum quadrangulare leaf,
  • Alpha GPC, CDP Choline,and tianeptine,
  • Gelatin, Purified Water, FD&C Yellow 5,
  • FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Blue 1,
  • Silver Pearlescent Pigment

About Tianna Red Capsules from MT Brands

MT Brands the makers of Tianna Red is a fully certified GMP, HACCP, and FDA registered dietary supplement facility.

Their availability of various price points gives the consumer more power in choosing supplements with their desired quality and effect.

MT Brands Nootropics provide a new way to feel good and feel free.

Tianna White Ingredient list-

Combretum Quadrangulare Leaf

Alpha GPC

CDP Choline



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